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Thank You Swansea Fringe Festival

Thank You Swansea Fringe Festival

We had a spectacular marathon broadcast from The Grand Hotel in Swansea as part of the Fringe Festival. Joe Bayliss and his wonderful team curated an amazing weekend of music, poetry, art and much more from various venues around the city. We were made most welcome and had a chance to check out a few other stages. You definitely need to see The Swansea Laptop Orchestra & Jemma Kryza who blew us away with their talent and visual magic 🙂

The Grand Hotel bar was full from lunchtime til just before midnight. Our team worked tirelessly all day to ensure all the artists had a good time and enjoyed our inaugural broadcast from Swansea. The talent and professionalism from all created the perfect atmosphere for an attentive and enthusiastic audience.

Below is all the footage we gathered from the day for you to listen again and share to the masses x


October 3rd, 2017

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