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U & I Radio Love To Receive New Music!

Whether brand new, Independent or in-between, We will listen to your creations.

U & I Radio have a very eclectic database of music from all across the globe, From Harp playing Rappers to Downright dirty Rock and Blues! We’ll listen to it all! If it makes us think, feel something or entices us to bounce around the room for no apparent reason, we will play it! From the raw bedroom recording to the polished and seasoned article! We have room for you all. We love good quality music that’s labelled correctly and radio friendly! We take time and effort to share your awesome music and make it as easy as possible for our global audience to link to you. All we ask is for you to do the same!

We can do all the following for you (for a small fee) – email for more information 

Continue reading and watch the video to see how we like you to submit your hard work…

  • Send only correctly labelled music as an MP3 (320kbs) with artwork embedded (see video below) **Please do not send Wav, MP4 or any other format**
  • Make sure there are no silences at the beginning or end of your music. You can use Audacity to edit silences and do basic meta tagging for free
  • If your music has any swearing in it please send a ‘CLEAN’ version for daytime play. Explicit material will be played at select times
  • DONT USE ALL CAPITALS, Underscore or excessive punctuation.between.word.or.letters
  • Title your tracks like this – Artist Name – Track Name
  • Capitalize Each Word – Billy Momo – Say You’re Sorry
  • Remember to change the track file-name too – Billy Momo – Say You’re Sorry

Here is how it should look

  • If you are sending 1 or 2 MP3’s please attach to an email. If sending Album/EP please set up a folder and share via a free app such as Dropbox or Googledrive
  • When emailing be brief, descriptive and include your social media links for your music page (not personal pages) so we can link and share to our networks
  • Follow us on our social media and share our pages with a few kind words to help promote what we do for you and your awesome music

    Once your music is ready to go please email to

    The reason we ask you to do this is to give you maximum exposure in a world where most information is displayed electronically. Be it on your phone, computer, our station and our Android App, they will display almost everything needed for the listeners to know what and who they are listening to.

    Here’s what it would look like on our station player –

    Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to hearing and maybe broadcasting your music to the world soon 🙂

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