Mammoth Monthly Playlist – Oct 2017

Monday to Sunday – 7am – 9am & 6pm – 8pm (GMT)

Our Mammoth Monthly Playlist is dedicated to the artists performing live during each month as well as highlighting great discoveries & new releases from our ever expanding database of wonderful music. The playlist is our Unique Selling Point for 2017 and beyond. What other station plays unsigned music twice a day for the whole month and then it can play anytime in the future! 🙂 x

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Artist Name Track Name
Aidenkeryn  – Sunburn
Aled Rheon  – September
Almost Autumn  – A Little More
Bryan Art  – Riding On The Clouds
C0dew4lkers *  – Just Flow
Calum Lintott  – The World Is Not For Turning
Climbing Trees  – Fall
Closer  – Battle Within
DJ Apollo  – Skud
DJ Steel  – Energy (Original)
Gaddafi Gals  – The Death Of Papi
Hvnter  – Ghost
Jah Cure  – Lion in the Jungle
James Bower  – Glow
Joseph Macwan & Out Of Karma  – This Life
Kaysha Louvain *  – Encore Madame
Klip & Outlaw  – ‘Wiggle’ ft FatMan D
Little Folk  – The Smoke
Marion Fiedler  – This Is Life
Melisa Whiskey  – Billin
Pliers  – In It To Win
Rhys Davis  – Somebody
Ria Timkin *  – Energy
Richie Spice  – Pull It Up
The Brwmys *  – The Piper’s Song
The Kemist ft Alx Veliz & Konshens  – Rumors (DJ BrainDeaD Remix)
The Permanent Smilers  – Ghosts
The Reverse Family  – The Suns Rays Are Just Like Birthdays
The Witching Hour  – Big Kahuna Burgers (Help Me)
Tmar  – Smile Under Pressure
Tony Moore  – Boom, What The Funk
Ysgol Sul  – Elsewhere

* Performing ‘Live’ this Month

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