Mammoth Monthly Playlist – Jun 2017

Monday to Sunday – 7am – 9am & 6pm – 8pm (GMT)

Our Mammoth Monthly Playlist is dedicated to the artists performing live during each month as well as highlighting great discoveries & new releases from our ever expanding database of wonderful music. The playlist is our Unique Selling Point for 2017 and beyond. What other station plays unsigned music twice a day for the whole month and then it can play anytime in the future! 🙂 x

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Artist Name Track Name
Aleighcia Scott  – Vibe With Me
Artbreak  – Will To Survive
AyOwA  – Fri
C0dew4lkers  – Just Flow
Charlie Says  – Leave A Light On
Chey  – She’s Got You (Dance Mix)
Chroma*  – Casaiety
Digital Criminals  – Bury Your Head
Echoic  – Messed Up Smiles
Elia Lorenzi  – Set Me Free
Emi McDade  – Sweet Return (Radio Edit)
Excellent Skeleton  – Think I’ll Run
Gentleman’s Dub Club  – Dancing in the Breeze
Grand Tradition*  – Forget About It
Henge  – Humans
Humble G Tha Fiddler  – Already Know
Jack Ellis*  – Pocket Of Lint
Jack Kelly  – The Ringmaster
Ilana Held*  – Cherry Pie
Audioboss ft Junior Reid & 3llay  – Make My Day (Radio Version)
Mark J W Cole  – Drunk New
Rainbow Maniac  – Going Out On My Own
Ria Timkin  – Energy
Secret Spade  – In My Mind (ft. Sarah Bird)
Semi  – Never Let Them
Shootin’ The Crow  – Cryin’ in the Rain (Original)
Siblings Of Us*  – Dreaming With Monsters
Sub Bass Physics  – Know It All
The Majestic  – Gimme De Loving
The Moon Birds*  – Brother
To Bear Sir  – The Begging Ends Here
C0dew4lkers (Repeat due to computer error)  – Just Flow
* Performing ‘Live’ This Month

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