Mammoth Monthly Playlist – Dec 2017

Monday to Sunday – 7am – 9am & 6pm – 8pm (GMT)

Our Mammoth Monthly Playlist is dedicated to the artists performing live during each month as well as highlighting great discoveries & new releases from our ever-expanding database of wonderful music. The playlist is our Unique Selling Point for 2017 and beyond. What other station plays unsigned music twice a day for the whole month and then it can play anytime in the future! 🙂 x

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Artist Name Track Name
A.J. & Tara  – Rock The Night
Ac G  – Black Magic
AidenKeryn  – Window Shopping
Alan Doyle  – Smooth Path
Barry Boom  – His Love
Bryan Art  – Can’t Cut Wi Vibes
Bryony Sier **  – Rolling Stone
Charli XCX  – Trophy
Chores  – Losing You
Cotch  – Afraid To Fray
DJ Apollo  – Mercurial Rising
Elijah Blake  – Xana White (Super Clean – Radio Edit)
Eric Sharp ft French Horn Rebellion  – Too Much
Jah Cure  – Lion in the Jungle
Jeremiah Ferrari  – Sign Of The Times
Logik  – Same Sh*t, Different Day (Clean Version)
Maka Diamond ft Diverse  – Hooligan
Micky Diana  – No Bells for Christmas (Clean)
Monsterheart  – Salam
Mt. Doubt  – Teeming
Mud On The Tyres **  – New York
Mystic Man  – Take Care
Nathalie Miranda ft Stella Angelika  – The Puzzle
OKBADLANDS  – Dust & Gold
Owain Felstead  – Trouble
Promise No Promises  – A Just Herb Officer
Rhys Davis **  – Somebody
Sean Blaze  – Murderer
Serenade The Stars  – She’s The One
The Kitchen Collective  – Still Life
The Tates  – Water
They Might Be Giants  – I Left My Body
** Performing Live

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