Jingles Wanted

Jingles for U & I Radio

As you may have heard on our station we have amazing jingles created by artists that are on our vast database. We also have a couple of jingles from listeners too! They play every 30 minutes on a rotation basis, for eternity or until you send us a newer version 🙂

If you could find the time to create a 5-10 second jingle for U & I Radio, we will happily add them to our eternal database, which may be selected to play anytime. Feel free to have fun and make them interesting using your own music and imagination 🙂 

Don’t worry if you have no music, just record your voice making sure there are no background sounds and we will do the rest 🙂 Please use the following format: –


“You’re tuned into U & I Radio, Where Discovery Is Listening”

Here is a perfect example of a great jingle!

Please make sure there are no silences at the beginning or end of Jingle too! When completed send us a correctly labelled MP3 (ie – (your name) – U & I Radio Jingle) with any artwork embedded… 

Our email address is admin@uandiradio.com

We look forward to hearing your creation on a regular basis

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