‘Live’ By The River – Ria Timkin – Jamie Willetts – C0dew4lkers

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‘Live’ By The River – Ria Timkin – Jamie Willetts – C0dew4lkers

Riverside - Cardiff
Nosda Backpackers Hostel
08:30 pm - 10:30 pm
'Live' Broadcast

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On the first Wednesday of every month our loyal and voluntary team broadcast & film (HD) yet more great ‘original’ music from the wealth of talent out there. Local or International, we open the stage to all genres and share globally on U & I Radio. Hosted by Big Scott Radio from the charming and historic basement venue by the river in Nosda Backpackers Hostel.

The nights are not a typical gig but more a showcase and chance for Artists to get a feel of ‘Live’ broadcasting to an intimate yet Universal audience!

All music played from 8 – 8.30pm and in-between acts are our ‘Mammoth Monthly Playlist’ of music from artists who’ll be performing for us during the coming month in and around Wales. Plus latest releases too.

Although it’s a free night we accept donations to fund U & I Radio thus ensuring future events for all new discoveries!

Doors 8pm //First Act 8.30pm//FREE (Donations)

– Artists –


Ria Timkin – Bristol – Indie Pop

“This sultry Moscovite follows her heart!”

Pop over and say Hi!

HVNTER – Cardiff – Electronic Pop

“Young, vibrant & gifted craftsman of the E-Pop genre!”

Hunt him down and share some love!

 C0dew4lkers – Cardiff – Funk/Soul

“Educated, wise and undoubtedly funky!”

Click here to seek them out!

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