Carl Davies – Musical Memories

The Idea!

We were asked by one of our loyal volunteers, Tina Evans if we could play 3 or four songs to help her and members of her family remember Carl Davies (aka Spike) as they were unable to attend his funeral due to the current situation in the world! I (Big Scott) said it wouldn’t be a problem at all. So we set to it! The idea soon went from a few songs into making it an hour and do it properly. I asked Tina if she could ask the family to give me an idea of what songs they would like to dedicate to Carl.

The Prep!

Within 12 hours Tina furnished me with a list of over 20 songs from Jacky (Carl’s Wife) which contained treasured memories they both shared. Plus we received some lovely pictures from the family too. So now we had the task of trying to fit in as many songs as possible, bearing in mind that every song will have a significant meaning for it being chosen, into 1 hour!

There was no way this was going to happen so we decided let’s go all-in and do a 2-hour show, bearing in mind I have never been trained to do anything like this in over 20 years of enjoying radio! We had the music they would love to hear, they sent me a link to the Memorial Wall set up for Carl so I could get an idea of what sort of man he was and see what others thought of him, which was very emotional to read and digest! But, it did give me a valuable insight into what a wonderful man he was and how he’s going to be missed.

So now my brain is in overdrive and I contact our genius of a Tech man behind the scenes to see if we could whip up a page dedicated just to the family while we do the live broadcast. Without any hesitation, he’s on it and we are on the phone discussing what can be done and before my eyes I see it all appear. The power of Teamviewer and a Website guru guiding you!

So now I start working on a radio script to piece it all together, without sounding like a Pastor, and knowing every song on the list is vitally important to those who will be listening. The Backing Music (Music Bed) Tina and I chose was Ave Maria by J.S Bach, a very powerful piece of music just on its own! The words on the memorial wall were wonderful and Jacky sends me beautiful words to add to the script too.

After not writing a radio script, let alone do a 2-hour live show in over 5 years I was slowly getting back into the swing of things and the training I received from Jenny Zobel sprang back into action. First I had to work out how many songs we could fit into the show. After a lot of decision making Tina and I came up with 19, which would give us a healthy balance of music and plenty of time to commemorate Carl the way he deserved to be.


While writing the script and listening to the tunes, many memories of my own came to the forefront and took me back to my childhood and family lost! Carl, like my father, respected his vinyl and had certain rules you had to abide by when handling them! He knew his bands inside out and was a font of all things musical, He Loved Formula 1, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits and a whole lot more! So many memories and smiles, tears, and other emotions emerged too! The Power of Music right there!!

Now I set about editing the music so it appears just the way we like it on U & I Radio, images altered to embed in the track metadata correctly labeled! I embedded a special image that has a significant memory behind each and every one of them! So when the individual tracks appear on the screen they each have their own picture and a nod to Carl.

Everything is ready to go. Dedicated website page setup and ready to go, script approved by Tina, tunes edited, and loaded to the station. It has been an eye-opening couple of days to how radio is probably more important now but we still need something visual to trigger our minds and release the myriad of wonderful thoughts and feelings we all have associated to a piece of music x

The Show!

On the morning of the show, I am a little bit anxious! Will this really work? I had been having internet issues so I decided to ensure the station played only the songs we wanted during the duration of the show, just in case we drop out! Showtime arrives and everything is ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll, so to speak! There is already activity in the chat room and I start to get butterflies in the pit of my stomach!

We are now live broadcasting to the world! But for the next 2 hours, it is solely to commemorate Spike (Carl) to his friends and family, wherever they may be. I have a bit of a shaky start after not riding the desk for a good few years. The show finds its own pace and I start to relax. But not too much as to make it sound flippant! It was a fine balance and a few times I had to fade into music early as my own emotions started to flood my mind!

The end was approaching and the wonderful words from family, the lyrics of each tune, and the special message in the chatroom helped us remember Carl in the best way possible. They may not have been able to be in the same room and share a drink but at least they could connect, wherever they were around the world x

After Show Hour

After quickly stopping the recording and setting up to record the next hour, we had a bit of a party. After taking a short break I messaged Tina to make sure the family was happy with the show. In her reply she informed me that some of the family had the music blasting down their street and everyone in the street, both sides, was out singing and dancing, bearing in mind the rules, of course! She sent me a photo as proof (see below). All in all, it seemed to be a success. We had managed to unite a family globally to celebrate Carl Davies xx

May Carl now enjoy, as Pink Floyd would say ‘The Greatest Gig In The Sky’ sat beside my mother xx