**Calling All Artists, Fans & Listeners**

**Calling All Artists, Fans & Listeners**

As you know we have been working hard to get the radio network up and ready for our broadcast from HUB Festival Cardiff​ next weekend. The one thing that is missing are jingles to let our global listeners know who we are! So…


We would like is for you to create a 10-15 second Jingle with or without backing music using one of the following phrases. Be sure to mention your Fan/Artist/Band name and be creative, Inspirational and original 🙂


“You’re listening to U & I Radio. Where Discovery… is Listening”

“U & I Radio ALWAYS share the love for the unsigned”


Before emailing your hard work to newmusic@uandiradio.com please watch this video and read the notes to inform you of how we like it! If it is not labelled correctly and has no artwork/selfie embedded we will not use it!

We Look forward to hearing you voice regularly on U & I Radio


August 23rd, 2015

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