Become An Ambassador

– Ambassador Program –

Join our team who promote U & I Radio globally?

Do you love listening to U & I Radio and want to share your passion with others? Are you an active member of your music community, involved in finding new and original music? Would you be willing to share the love for our shows, broadcasts, events and updates regarding U & I Radio to your local and global community?

What is the Ambassador program?

The U & I Radio Ambassador program is one of awareness-raising.  Making sure that everyone in your local/global community knows about U & I  Radio and the various ways to listen.

What is the time commitment?

The average time spent is about 15 hours a month.  The minimum commitment is around 5 hours a month to keep U & I Radio at the forefront of your social media networks and the local community of musicians and listeners.  Many ambassadors also:

Represent U & I Radio at local music and networks

Tune in regularly and share the love for the music playing

Encourage friends, independent music venues, offices to play the station

When asked, submit music/artists for inclusion in playlists and our ever-growing database

Host a fund-raising event to help support the station

Add our Ambassador Badge to your social media every now and then

Many, many more opportunities…

How Do I Become An Ambassador?

Contact us and please put Ambassador Request in the Subject part of emails. We’ll then check to see if there is anyone representing your part of the world and get back to you 🙂

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