DJ Mr Mase

DJ Mr Mase
Birth name
Marcus Mason
Deep & Soulful Dancefloor Cuts
Years active

Deep & Soulful House with DJ Mr Mase

11pm to 12am Thursdays - Replay 12pm to 1pm Saturdays

DJ Mr Mase’s musical journey started many moons ago when as a boy he began recording songs to tape.  This was the era of Top of the Pops and radio shows: CDs were a thing of the future and years before the internet was conceived.

By the mid-’90s, the accumulation of Christmas presents resulted in a modest setup of an Amiga 500+ and Yamaha keyboard.  During this time he taught himself keyboard and eventually obtained an add-on sampler for his Amiga.  Armed with a music program called Octamed and despite a meager 4 channel audio limit, the power of sampling meant he could produce music that consisted of a mishmash of samples of other songs.  He would sample from whatever media had the groove: tape, CD, vinyl, VHS, and even FM radio shows!  It was at this point that his love of sample digging and collecting music flourished whilst exploring the fundamentals of 80’s Electronic music, Soul, Funk, Disco, and Jazz.

A quick listen to his sublime DJ sets and eclectic taste focus on the melodic and underground styles of House will confirm an attractive and emotion-rich aesthetic.  While rooted in house, his sound takes on flavours of Disco, Deep Grooves, Nu-Jazz, Garage, Broken-beat and is sure to elevate your mood!  He is a true connoisseur of the deep and soulful experience.