Tips For Getting Heard…

Tips For Getting Heard…

You would not believe the amount of music that is sent to us without any real due care and attention to detail! You have taken the time, money and effort to create your work so the world can hear it. But have you taken the time and effort to have all your social media and online presence in order, created a Press pack, made a list of who you are going to send it to and why? Most importantly! Is your music labelled correctly?

In a world where most music is digested on some form of electronic device, you forget the basics, to label your music correctly. This is a key way of getting free exposure for your music without paying a penny as most devices display Artwork and  Artist/Track info too. Plus you could sneakily add your URL’s too!

Another thing to consider is the way you approach people who you want to share your work is vital too! Below are a few pointers and guideline to help you make an impact when sending your music to radio stations and record labels etc.

When you have had a read why not submit your music for consideration of airplay. 

Social Media & Online Presence

Social media is the key way to get your music heard and to garner a following. It is worth taking the time to create an online profile for your music and stage persona. Separating your personal and musical life will make things a lot easier to manage when you move up the music ladder.

Create a Website or Facebook Artist Page, to begin with

Create a Twitter/Instagram Artist Account

Create a Music Account with Soundcloud/Spotify etc. No need for multiple music sites doing the same thing

Create a YouTube Channel for your Act/Band

Create a specific email for your Act/Band

Once you have these all set up, make sure they are all linking to each other. That way it doesn’t matter how the visitor lands on one of your pages they can easily link to all the others with ease.

Learn To Tag Using Facebook

Learning to tag is an effective way of spreading the love all from one post. It takes a few minutes to get used to but a great way to promote and share for free. Also do some research into Hootsuite, Autopost and other helpful sites.

Basic Press Pack

A good press pack will save you hours of repetitive typing and emails. Plus it will make it so much easier for all you sent it to, to find what they need all in one place. As you grow so will your press pack. You don’t need a Manager or Agent to create it. You can do it…

Make Sure your music is correctly labelled using metatags and embed artwork

Include Artwork (512 x 512px) and a recent promo pic for sharing on Social Media

Short Bio. Make it fun and punchy but not too long. Point them to your website for a full and frank history

Make Social Media links visible and one-click operation

All this information could be stored for free on many cloud-based sites like Dropbox, Soundcloud. Google etc. It doesn’t matter which one you use, just be sure to label the folder so it is easy to know who has sent it and what the folder contains. Otherwise, you can just add them to an email.


Before you think about emailing your music, make sure you have done all the above, as this will give you a better chance of being heard. A few other things that may help are…

Do a bit of research about who you are sending music to and see what format they prefer, as every station has their own ‘House Rules’ and procedures.

Introduce yourself. Don’t send too much information straight away. Be brief, informative and interesting.

Add links to your music so we can hear it before we decide to download, or attach 1  song to an email.

Make sure your track is labelled correctly. This will definitely put you in the good books and put you one step ahead of the competition.

Add your main social media links, ie Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Youtube.

Include a good picture/artwork (512 x 512)

Emails are usually your first chance to impress the receiver with your music, skills and history. If they like what they see and hear they want to be able to link, like and share instantly and not have to scrabble around to find info.

Approach & Manners Go a Long Way

Whether you approach a friend, label, station via social media, messaging or email, it is always polite to do a few simple things. Manners and a bit of politeness can work wonders.

Don’t post a link to song/video with no introduction or request for action

Do introduce yourself and explain what the link is about and what action you would like

Don’t post a link without any thoughts of your own

Do post a link with some choice words to entice your audience

Don’t send nasty/insulting emails, comments when someone offers to help

Do take advice and free support

At the end of the day, you are asking someone to listen to your personal thoughts and emotions, get absorbed and then share with the world. So the least you can do is take the time, effort and use a bit of courtesy to make it an enjoyable journey for all 🙂 x

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