Station Ethos

Station Ethos

Mainstream radio seems to bombard you with the same negative and downright rude music they seem to the think the world wants to listen to! This is usually interrupted, to bring the latest death and disaster stories, happening around the world! The big boys are fighting over the big outlets, while the masses wait and see who will control the industry next and what will be pumped into our ears to satisfy their greedy lifestyles and other people’s egos! No wonder so many people are depressed and lost. They have lost touch with good music and what it can do for the mind, body and soul!

There is a wealth of new music out there waiting to be heard, not just by the mainstream but by you. Every day we get new music submissions from brand new artists to well established independent ones. With the newer ones, they have very little experience or knowhow as to maximize their online presence to attract new followers. They think a Manager will take care of that for them! This is sometimes true but mainly they are vultures who make money for doing very little!

Well, perhaps it is time for a musical/audio revolution! Technology today is making it easier for the individual to get themselves out there. To unite and inspire the people around you, who may just have the skills you need to share in order to achieve true recognition for your skill. We are all part of the universal jigsaw called ‘Life’.

At U & I Radio our ethos is to Unite & Inspire people through music and self-expression, at the same time uniting musical and creative minds to achieve personal and group goals, whilst being mentored at the same time! Meet us half-way and we can go all the way to achieving success in whatever path you choose. We will host shows where we talk to inspiring and uplifting people, to give you an insight into how to follow your own dream/passion.

Our station will be like no other, as we have a vested interest in helping you grow and develop your mind, body and soul. Because as you grow, so do we! Music is a key part of all of our lives in one way or another. It helps us through the sad times and makes us dance like fools in the good times! How cool would it be to turn your dial (or press a button these days!) to hear a station that will make you feel safe and respected, anytime day or night! 🙂 x

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